Affordable daily plans for your inReach device

Gorilla satellite link provides flexible daily airtime plans at a low-cost so you can activate your inReach only whenever you need.

inReach SE

The best of both worlds. ​inReach hardware. ​Gorillalink flexible airtime plans.

Compact Satellite Communicator

The inReach® SE, a small, compact satellite communicator, when combined with GorillaLink’s flexible airtime plans, enables organizations to track and communicate with their teams deployed around the globe.

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Starter Kit

Get started with our satellite communicator bundles. This kit includes everything you need to get started on this powerful platform.

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Weather at the ready

Receive weather forecasts for your current location or any ​other waypoint or destination for just $2.99/mo.

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A complete suite of purpose-built software solutions

Works standalone or pairs with GorillaLink App. The inReach SE, when combined with GorillaLink’s suite of purpose-built software solutions, provides the safety, connectivity and productivity tools required for government and enterprise organizations with people

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Remote Tracking and Location

SAFE, PRODUCTIVE, SECURE - SAFE: Global SOS, secure personnel and team tracking and communications to provide ​mobile situational awareness. PRODUCTIVE: Transmit and receive data and messages between other teamed devices and the portal.

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About Us

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Welcome to GorillaLink, your satellite communication store! Experience the exciting of fishing, traveling, boating and more in the world. We are mad about communication and dedicated to giving our customers the best possible subscriptions, recommendations and customer service possible. We are also committed to helping you become a better explorer, get more pleasure from your activities and to get the best from the sport. Browse through our online GorillaLink store, get yourself a fantastic bargain and find out why buying satellite subscriptions with us is so easy, safe and convenient. Find satellite phone, gps trackers and satellite airtime subscriptions top brands like Garmin, Iridium, Globalstar, Inmarsat, Thuraya and even more. Outdoor sport is an activity that can be performed at any age. It is not difficult to learn to use satellte phones or satellite communicators, it just takes a little time and practice. There are many types of outdoor sport: kayak fishing, crappie fishing, ice, fishing, spinning, rock fishing, surf-casting, corrido, Coup, English and bolognese, heavy Casting, Sardina and bread. Besides satellite airtime subscription items in GorillaLink you find nautical products, ensuring the best price, as: satellite phones, satellite phone accesories, satellite antennas, handheld satellite communicators, gps devices and everything you need to start using satellite communication. As nautical online store and official distributor, GorillaLink offers a wide range of products for equipping satellite communication devices: Nautical parts, marine electronics, gps, boat safety accessories, AIS receivers, emergency flares, vests and harnesses, liferaft. With our experience and friendly knowledgeable sales team with experience in the satellite communication make easy to see why we have become so popular with our customers. Over 100,000 customers have already trusted us. What are you waiting for?

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We are building a brighter future; our long-term business growth approach involves analyzing and adapting to the market evolution and new opportunities. From our perspective, creating a secure climate and adapting to the ideas, trends and tastes which are developing worldwide, are the key to success in satellite communication. We're always looking for new ways to surprise our customers. We build our business around customer satisfaction offering the best service possible. We take pride in delighting our customers, and do everything we can to ensure that the customer experience is fun and rewarding.