inReach SE

The best of both worlds. ​inReach hardware. ​Gorillalink flexible airtime plans.

Compact Satellite Communicator

The inReach® SE, a small, compact satellite communicator, when combined with GorillaLink’s flexible airtime plans, enables organizations to track and communicate with their teams deployed around the globe.

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Starter Kit

Get started with our satellite communicator bundles. This kit includes everything you need to get started on this powerful platform.

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Weather at the ready

Receive weather forecasts for your current location or any ​other waypoint or destination for just $2.99/mo.

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A complete suite of purpose-built software solutions

Works standalone or pairs with GorillaLink App. The inReach SE, when combined with GorillaLink’s suite of purpose-built software solutions, provides the safety, connectivity and productivity tools required for government and enterprise organizations with people

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Remote Tracking and Location

SAFE, PRODUCTIVE, SECURE - SAFE: Global SOS, secure personnel and team tracking and communications to provide ​mobile situational awareness. PRODUCTIVE: Transmit and receive data and messages between other teamed devices and the portal.

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